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CashNET is an innovative, user-friendly Pawnbroking/2nd Hand Dealer package. With its large list of features, and the latest technology data storage foundation, CashNET is light years ahead of the competition. A must have for any efficient pawnbroker.

Some of the features include:
  • Drag & Drop Customer/Item Photos/Webcam Support
  • Multiple Redemptions From Main Screen
  • Full Barcoding integration to speed up transaction processing
  • Multiple Deal Merge For Copy As New
  • Full Security & Administration Event Logging
  • Comprehensive Employee Security Rights/Tracking
  • Phone SMS support and notification system
  • Inventory Management / Statistical Analysis & Pricing Guides
  • Opt-in services such as national dodgy customer lists
  • Australia Wide Police Download Requirement Compliant

Want to keep track of staff times, and do your complete companies payroll. PayWiz is here now!

Complete with:
  • Secure PIN Management
  • Caters for different awards
  • Emailing Paysheets
  • Online Banking Integration
  • HTML output for website integration
  • Fully integrates with staff times for both CashNET and POSWiz
  • Comprehensive Reports

The essential application for any small business, complete with:
  • Inventory Management
  • Point of Sales/Returns
  • Stock Stickers
  • Advanced Barcoding
  • Cash Flow & Multi Till Support
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Invoice Emailing support and reoccurring payment support
  • Online Web Shopping Support
  • Full featured stocktake functionality within software
  • User-defined Invoice Payment Methods (Including BPay)
  • Gift Vouchers/Credit Notes