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Application Latest Version Last Posted Description
CWFtp 1.0.5 26-Mar-2020 A simple FTP Server implemtation for use with Image Manager App.
CWServer 1.5.138 18-Jul-2023 Systems Server that controls all of the ProCreation software
CWTracker 1.0.9 26-Mar-2020 Project Tracking, quoting and complete maintenance system.
CashNET 1.8.17 03-Jan-2024 Pawnbroking & Secondhand Dealer Software
Here Now! New module to do PDAs and Cheque Cashing within CashNET and payment schedules via DDR.
PayWiz 1.2.51 22-Nov-2023 Full Employee Payroll System.
Includes the full ammended tax rates, including 01-July-2019 to 30-Jun-2020.
Please Note! Does not currently support the ATO's new Single Touch Payroll implementation.
POSWiz 1.8.8 03-Jan-2024 Full Point-Of-Sale and Inventory Management System

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Application Version Posted File Size

Application Description
Procreation Software Setup Instructions for the ProCreation Software Suite (Demo) Installation
CWServer Database Files The Database files needed to run CWServer
CashNET getting started guide Initial instructions for using CashNET
PayWiz - Users Manual Users manual for using the PayWiz Payroll System.
POSWiz getting started guide Initial instructions for using POSWiz